Its been feeling sort of fine and sort of off today.  Today would have been the 2 year anniversary with my ex-girlfriend and it is the one year anniversary of our break up. She doesn’t realize it anymore than she would have realized it was our anniversary when we were together.

In the end, I know I still love her but I understand that there is no way for that to work. It just feels odd to be so far away from that moment in time when I felt so in love and so hurt.  

There really isn’t much else to say. 


I have a date tonight with Robin the Girl Wonder

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6 selfie thing but i’m showin i don’t care because amanda took the last one

I have the same Fight Club shirt. 

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I have just been hit by a wave of depression but I don’t know why


Weird Al has still got it!

The shirt and the coat that Al wears at the videos start are amazing.  Dear God how I want those articles. 

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American Horror

I keep trying to find season 1 and 2 of American Horror Story but they appear to be missing, along with my brother’s season 1 of Game of Thrones. This is troubling.

url graphic for moriartystrustywestwood

I would love this as actual wall paper.

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W e s t w o o d .


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Oh, I’m an ass.