I had an epiphany today as I was walking to the convenience store.  I was thinking about Animal Man (as I often do) and recalled a comic title I had seen earlier in the day. Though Animal had first appeared in Strange Adventures he laid dormant until being officially introduced in DC continuity in Wonder Woman #267

After that he appeared in the Forgotten Heroes book and then he eventually came to have his own book written by Grant Morrison.  

Why mention any of this?

For some time I had believed if I wanted to see Animal Man on the Silver screen that some Producer who was a fan would have permission to do whatever project he fancied.  Or, Swamp Thing (who had two films and a TV series) would have the another movie relating to the Rot World story arc in the New 52 series which was launched.  In the Rot World arc Animal Man was a key player and would of course appear in the film with Swamp Thing battling “Rottlings” (essentially Zombies—we all know how popular those monsters are in film).

Now, I realize the key to an Animal Man movie is a Wonder Woman Movie.  

Just as the Wonder Woman comic led to Animal Man coming into DC mainstream, so would the inevitable Wonder Woman movie lead to Animal Man into DC’s movie franchise.  Perhaps not Justice League, but at least a small role in what would be an undoubted trilogy for the marketable Wonder Woman character (assuming the first movie doesn’t land in the area of Green Lantern ratings).  

Reading the summary for the 267 and 268 issues I doubt those will be the topics for any possible film, but looking at Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery I see a possibility.  

  Cheetah is the animal based nemesis of Wonder Woman and it would make sense if such a creature would appear as villain in a film.  Animal Man would be a great ally to fight such a foe or group of foes (how ever the film maker would choose).  

I know this is an unlikely event (Animal Man being included, not Wonder Woman’s movie) but I really hope I will get to see my fantasy play out.  Fingers crossed for Animal Man and Wonder Woman. 

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